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Cheap Off White Long Sleeve Indian Kurti

cheap long sleeve indian kurtis

    • Product Features : Off White Color Long Sleeve Indian Kurti made utilizing Natural Handcrafted flex cotton fabric.
      Simple off white color is the perfect shade for this product that has abundant getup. Tailor has shaped This piece as Long Sleeve which is now in current trend. sleeves are Additionally decorated with reddish piping.
      Cross stitch embroidery beloved the neck line has wealthy look.
      Additional setup of block print on sleeve and neck line makes this piece restrictive. make the team with reddish tights to ready this piece for party wear.

Product Definition :

  • Wholesale rate: 325 Indian Rupee.
  • Sku: k02-78.
  • Shade: OFF White.
  • Layout: Simple Aline .
  • Fabric: Handcrafted Flax.
  • Neckline: Round.
  • Sleeves: Long Sleeve.
  • sizing’s: M, L, XL, XXL and 3Xl.
  • Weight: 255 Grams.
  • Length: 36 inch.
  • Occasion: party wear, Home Wear.
  • Rinse care: Dry Wash.
  • Disclaimer: This product is formed using Hand made non crimp Flax fabric that is comfortable to wear in every seasons, background color used is very light shade with bright reddish applique can be suggested to dry wash only .

We are Known For manufacturing Cheap Indian Kurtis. Our products are ideally produced with best quality fabric, custom size, and low in cost.

About our Low Cost items

As day today there is increased competition in market to serve good quality product with affordable rates. To capture market of our field we always make efforts to work with minimal margin, and produce inexpensive items with great finishing in our piece.

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Black And White Anarkali Kurti

Black And White Anarkali Kurti

  • Description :An unimaginable flared Black and White Anarkali Kurti having colorful prints in hemline to emphasize your ruler angle.
    This Black and white printed Fabric is product of Indian traditional city Jaipur.
    Tailor has sewed this kurti long in length that raise the impressiveness of this type of Anarkali piece.
  • Item Details

  • Wholesaling at : 350 Indian Rupee only
  • Sku: k02-35.
  • Shade: Black And White.
  • Layout: Anarkali style.
  • Fabric: Jaipur cotton print.
  • Neckline: Round .
  • Sleeves: Separate.
  • sizing’s: L, XL, and XXL
  • Weight: 260 Grams.
  • Occasion: Office Wear, party wear.
  • Length: 38 inch.
  • Rinse care: Dry wash.
  • Disclaimer: Were usually looking to increase the quality of manufacturing. In addition to manufacture Kurti ideal as seen in seen in this photograph.
    However thing showing up with your screen may change in shade, cause variety in every screens brilliance and resolutions.
  • We are leading manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of Ladies kurti since 1985.
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Cream khadi designer kurtas 207

cream cora designer kurtas designed with block print


  • Cream colored Designer kurtas shaped with cotton Hand Crafted khadi material. Adorned with self shades screen print. Dark color stamp print utilized over the piece. Black color peach at bottom composed with machine weaving with gold zari looks distinctive. Neck is sewed superbly with trendy lessees. State of this kurtas are 36 inch long. This type of Design can like every one who Loves the beauty of Nature.

Item Details

Price: 395 Indian rupees

  • Sku: k02-07.
  • color: Cream .
  • Design: Block print and computer embroidery .
  • Fabric: cotton.
  • Neck: Round.
  • Sleeves: Separate Sleeves in each pieces.
  • sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.
  • price: For wholesale query contact us.
  • Weight: 230 Grams.
  • Occasion: Party Wear.
  • Length: 36 inch
  • Wash care: Dry Clean Only.
  • Disclaimer: As This product is formed with Hand made khadi fabric, and it has very light back ground with blackish prints, it can be suggested to rinse dry wash only.
  • We have large network of kurtis distributors in India.
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Royal Blue Block Printed Tunics Tops

black printed tunics tops. Description

  • This elegant Block printed Tunics top is exquisite collection in our range. this particular tunic is produced using 100% cotton Hand loom fabrics. that is extraordinary range of Hand crafted product. Layout of this piece is manual design process on table with splendid block print. Royal blue colour is perfect match for this type of block print type tunic. this can be more graceful if it can be peered with skin colour tights. this piece is cheapest range in our company. that can be used as daily wear use.

Item Details Price: 195 Indian rupees

  • Sku: k01-50
  • color: Dark Rama green
  • Design: Block print.
  • Fabric: South hand-loom.
  • Neck: 5 corners
  • Sleeves: separate Sleeves in each pieces.
  • sizes: L, XL, XXL,
  • price: contact us for more detail wholesaler only.
  • Weight: 210 Grams
  • Occasion: Casual Wear
  • Length: 36 inch
  • Wash care: First Wash Dry clean
  • Disclaimer:We are known for producing cheapest range tunics in Mumbai India. We also care to maintain quality measures in good price..
  • We are wholesale manufacturer and supplier of Tunics Tops since 1985.
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Turquoise Blue Handloom Kurtis

designer Turquoise Blue color Handloom kurtis


  • This handloom kurtis are well designed pattern work piece that is most impressive one. this piece is build using amazing Turquoise Blue Hand-crafted cotton fabric ( hand-loom ). neck is shaped fashionable with collar style stitch. 3 lines of appliques used to make this product stylish. that three appliques are antique designs of artistic work of mom batik print. extra touch up of minor block prints are getup point of this piece. over all look of this piece is extraordinary. this piece can be like any one in first look .

Item Details

  • Wholesale Price: 285 Indian rupees
  • Sku: k01-30
  • color: Turquoise Blue
  • Design: Block print. applique work
  • Fabric: cotton
  • Neck: Round
  • Sleeves: separate Sleeves in each pieces.
  • sizes: L, XL, XXL, 3xl
  • Availability: wholesalers can contact us for more details.
  • Weight: 235 Grams
  • Occasion: Casual Wear.
  • Length: 36 inch
  • Wash care: Dry Wash.
  • Disclaimer: this product can be rinse always at dry wash.
About Handloom

A handloom is a basic machine utilized for weaving. in a wooden vertical-shaft approaches, the heddles are settled set up in the shaft. The turn strings pass of course through a heddle, as well through a space between the heddles (the shed), so raising the shaft raises half the strings (those passing through the heddles), and bringing down the shaft brings down the same strings the strings passing through the spaces between the heddles stay set up.

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