Bandhani Kurta Designs 199

Black plain cotton bandhani kurta designs

  • Product Detail: Bandhani kurta designs made with Plain Black 100% cotton cambric fabric. Stylish reddish bandhani applique work done at bottom of this piece. This bandhani applique is performed using machine embroidery. This kurtas are generally Long in length about knee length. this type of items can be suit to wear with tights and also with pent.

Item Details:

Price: 325 Indian rupees.

  • Sku: k01-99.
  • Color: Black with reddish bandni applique.
  • Design: attached bandni cloth on bottom and around neck.
  • Fabric: 100% cotton.
  • Neck: V type Round.
  • Sleeves: each piece have separate Sleeves.
  • Sizes: M, L, XL,XXL, 3xl
  • Weight: 245 Grams
  • Occasion: Regular Wear.
  • Length: 36 inch.
  • Price: For wholesale inquiry contact us.
  • Wash care: First Wash dry-clean.


About Bandhani

Bandhani is a sort of creatively colored polished predominantly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, India.

The method includes coloring a fabric which is tied firmly with a string at some points,thus handling a mixture of examples like Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari relying upon the way in which the material is tied. The fundamental colours utilized within Bandhani are yellow, red,blue, green and dark. Bandhani work, after the preparing is over, outcomes into a mixed bag of images incorporating, dabs, squares, waves and strips. Bandhani pieces might be colored by common and manufactured colors.

Kutch District at Gujarat State of India are well known for the finest nature of bandhani.

Indian Bandhani, a customary type of tie and color, started something like 5000 years prior. Otherwise called Bandhni and Bandhej, it is the most senior tie and color convention that is still practiced.bandhani was presented in Jamnagar when the city was established 400 years prior.

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