Dark Red Cheap Range Kurties

gold print cheap range kurties designed with aari work


  • This kurties is manufactured as list of stater range in our company. As this piece is very very cheap in price range.
    All over the piece is covered with japan’s gold print snake type design looking graceful. Out line of print decorated with phone colored manual Aari Work That looks well-liked.
    Shape of this kurties is Aline Cut with perfect stitch. This product is comfortable to buy range for any class Buyers. and comfortable to wear.

Item Details

Price: 195 Indian rupees.

  • Sku: k01-08.
  • color: Red with gold print.
  • Design: Gold screen print.
  • Fabric: cotton.
  • Neck: Round.
  • Sleeves: separate Sleeves in each pieces.
  • sizes: L, XL, XXL, 3xl.
  • price: contact us wholesalers for price details.
  • Weight: 225 Grams.
  • Occasion: Casual Wear.
  • Length: 36 inch.
  • Wash care: Dry Wash.
  • Disclaimer: Gold print kurti can always dry wash.
  • Now there is more and more demand of affordable range kurti in the market. As users like to buy most fashionable garment at most cheapest rates.
    We at the premkurtis always makes unique collection of branded women kurtis in our field. We always makes our product cost beneficence. And also rich in look both together.
    Every dealers have stater range, Lower range, beginning range policy’s in there business, here at premkurtis.com this above product is in Cheap Range Kurties category. this product’s cost is only at 200 Indian Rs (app 4 USD $) at international market. which is very minimum.
  • Prominent Suppliers of Cheap Range Kurties in Mumbai India.


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